LIBA is the very respected and highest traditional and modern-wear brand in Pakistan. Since 2010, liba has making a very different and a very unique style in there collection which are reflecting of the ancient traditions and as well as the modern trending fashion of Eastern handiwork in a very fashionable manner. LIBA’s understanding of ancient designs and the innovative use of traditional crafts has created combination of a new contemporary.
Today the liba is famous for its characteristic use of colors, fabric’s quality, embroideries and a gloriously, rich cultural designs. Since the company was built liba has just 1 ambition is to delivered the finest quality fabric to their customers.

LIBA is standing on the pillars of LOYALTY, HONESTY, TRUST & RESPECT . LIBA give slots of priorities to their customers because libe treated to the customers not only a customers but like a family member. LIBA is easily recognized as one of the biggest names in fashion world. There are more then 100 of people are working in the embroidery house which are doing very hard working  twice a day and a quadruples in the night .